MDC | CV32004 Bf 109 Smooth Tires in 1/32nd scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Hasegawa has chosen to supply the modeler with treaded wheels in their Bf 109G in 1/32nd scale. Like most aircraft, the Bf 109 went through a number of modifications in its operational life. Among the modifications were different types of wheels.

Model Design Construction, or MDC, has released a set of smooth tires cast in grey resin. This is a very simple modification as it is designed to be a direct replacement for the wheels found in the Hasegawa kit. Two wheels come in the set, sufficient for one model.

The wheels are shipped in a small plastic bag without instructions. As we have come to expect from MDC, the casting is superb. The tires are very subtly flattened on the bottom. Thankfully, they are hardly bulged at all, which has become common on many aftermarket sets. Some clean up is required in the flattened portion of the wheel to remove remnants of the casting plug. The hub detail is crisply detailed and very fine. No drilling is necessary to accept the axle on the landing gear strut, as it is pre-drilled.

Instructions are not included with the wheels. They are not required as this is a very simple modification. I would caution modelers to check their references closely to determine the type of wheels required on the aircraft they are trying to represent.

MDC offers an extensive line of 1/32nd scale resin products for the Hasegawa Bf 109. These wheels are a welcome addition and I am sure that they could prove to be useful. For those who strive to achieve accuracy when representing their aircraft and I would urge you to consider products from MDC.

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