Mike Grant Decals | George Preddy's P-51D, Cripes A'Mighty 3rd of the 352nd FG

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Just received from Mike Grant Decals, is a brand new decal sheet for George Preddy's P-51D, Cripes A'Mighty 3rd of the 352nd FG. Printed on an Alps printer, this new sheet is available in 1/48th, 1/32nd and for those looking for something new, even available in 1/24th scale! This sheet is Part One of what will ultimately be a two part set exploring the markings of Preddy's famous last two P-51s.

For those of you who have been afraid to try Alps printed decals, let me put your fears to rest. They are printed with extremely clear and crisp registry and they react very well to decal setting solution. The decal sheet itself is very thin and conforms easily to surface detail. Don't let your concerns cause you to miss out on a great new sheet! The only item to be concerned with is that the carrier film covers the entire sheet, so careful trimming is required. That's probably a small price to pay to finally get decals available for the large scale builder!

I may be a little bit biased in this review as I have gone to great lengths to ensure complete accuracy of this decal sheet for Mike Grant. Studying photos and numerous phone conversations with Sam Sox, the 352nd FG archivist, allowed a clear picture to evolve of the markings of this famous P-51D. The modeller has the option of building one of George Preddy's aircraft at three points in its evolution. Also included is a three page instruction sheet showing the history of this aircraft in June, July and August 1944. Photographic evidence shows nose art on the drop tanks on July 22, 1944 which has been included in this sheet! Stencils are also supplied.

I am convinced that these are the most accurate and up to date decals on the market today for this aircraft. The scan of the decals accompanying this review is a low-resolution image only, and doesn't reflect the high level of detail of the decal sheet itself. If you have ever wanted to see this, the highest scoring Mustang in the ETO available in the larger scales, now is your chance. Don't miss out! For this, and other exiting decal sheets, go to:

Mike Grant Decals/

My deepest thanks go to Sam Sox for his extreme helpfulness to me and his dedication to the memory of "The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney". Without his help, details about this aircraft would not exist today.

© Mark Proulx

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