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Reviewed by Jay Laverty

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New from Cammett, and now available!

When Rob first told me he had this tape available and wanted me to review it, I told him just to give me a couple of the sizes as I couldn't see myself being able to find a use for .75mm wide masking tape. He laughed and said to me "Trust me, you will find something all of it is useful for". And he wasn't wrong.

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I was working on the master for my P-47 Cowling flaps, and wanted something very thin and not very wide to use one the interior of the flaps, when I thought that the .5mm would be worth trying and it turned out to be perfect. Then it suddenly dawned on me that long gone would be the days of cutting Tamiya tape to size to use as fasteners for brake lines, hydraulic cables and all minuscule fasteners in a variety of applications.

Long gone are the days of messing about with long and easily twisted walk way decals as they can easily be masked using this stuff. Military applications are conceivable as well, with turret numbers for instance.

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Available in a variety of sizes, there is very little you could not do with this tape.

I mentioned to Robin that it would make the line complete to add the more common sizes already covered by Tamiya for instance and he tells me this is a very distinct possibility so keep your eye on the Cammett Website for a cheaper alternative.

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