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Reviewed by Chris Sherland

Shaping, sanding, surface prep. If you build anything beyond out-of-the-box you face these tasks. And even if you just shake and bake, you still face sanding tasks. While sanding sticks aren't exactly a new item on the market, Master Casters has taken the sanding stick to its next evolution. While not a concept revolution, these sanding sticks simply offer better performance and better handling qualities.

Ok I know. You might be thinking that "performance" and "handling qualities" are terms better suited for something a little more complex than a sanding stick. But those terms are the only way I can convey the difference between these specialty sticks and what else is available on the market.

The stick series shown above covers sticks that are heavy material removers all the way down to high polishers. Below is a guide showing the various grits and uses.

The 100 and 180 square sponge sanders are large and very flexible. I used them for light shaping and heavy surface prep (removal of raised detail etc) with great results. Under heavy use they showed no signs of wear, and while I am sure they will eventually give out, their construction suggests that they will long outlast cosmetic-style sticks of the same grit, and the added bonus is that they are much more flexible and easy to use. No edge tearing or fraying was apparent after 1 hour of continuous use.

The crescent sander was used for mild surface prep and while slightly more rigid than the sponge sanders above, the crescent was easy to use and flexible enough for wing roots etc.

The shiner is a great stick. While many tri- or bi-grit sticks are available, this shiner features what I consider a better choice of grits. This stick was used to polish away previous grit scratches and polish the surface. An absolute gloss was achieved.

The teardrop sanders, and the red stick are large material removers. While I had no tasks that required the sort of horsepower that the red stick features, I did use the teardrop sticks to shape and prep some landing lights I was working on.

The only request I have of Master Casters for this line is a few options for size for each grit...would be the end of my sanding stick needs for ever methinks.

Master Casters is offering a special introductory offer for LSP members (must be registered in the forums) for a limited time. Paypal payments are accepted however credit card purchases must be done through Cammett Ltd. Details of the special offer can be found here.

Thanks to Master Casters for the review samples.

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