Tech Star | #TC2008: Radius Scribing Template

Reviewed by Rato Marczak

By now probably you have suspected that I have a psycho-related stuff with rivets. Not really. I just noted that it is virtually impossible to use Hasegawa TL12 template and similar templates on conical or tapered objects. For instance, if you want to make the rivets on the ribs of any non-cylindrical fuselage, you´ll need a curved template. This is because once wrapped around the fuselage, the template edge will result a plane cross section, something a straight template cannot do without copious amounts of blu-tac under it. The problem is the same for scribing, and in addition you run the bigger risk of moving the template during the operation. TechStar issued a photoetched template to overcome this. It is a set containing ten rulers (eight curved and two straight sided) to be used in these situations. The set is etched in Cr-Ni alloy, so that oxidation won´t be a problem.

The TC2008 set.

Of course you can use them on flat surfaces to make non-straight rivet lines. Four of the curved rulers (the ones with major curvature radius) comes with circular holes to guide your scribing tool. The holes are in offset with the template edge, so you can do both the scribing and the rivets during the same working section, and they will be perfectly parallel! TechStar has not included the holes in the templates with smaller curvature radius, but they are still great for scribing or riveting 'by eye'. The two remaining templates are of minor use, but I liked the tiny graduated ruler to help working with small parts.

A zoom on the set.

It is just another option. I particularly like specialized tools, as they save you a lot of time when they fit your job.

Recommended to everyone working with rivets and rescribing.

© Rato Marczak 2005

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