CAM | .50 Cal Machine guns

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

Almost everyone who wanted to detail a gunbay on a WWII U.S. fighter has felt that twinge of angst. That feeling of dread that the kit guns are a good starting point but little else. Well, feel that no more! CAM has come to the rescue with these little gems.

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These 0.50cal masterpieces come packaged three to a set, so you're hooked up for most American fighters. If you're planning on detailing both wings, or you're working on a P-47, well, you'll have to buy multiples. They are packaged with both smooth and perforated barrels, so you actually get a choice for whatever your application.

Mastered by Scott Murphy, each gun packs a lot of detail. Cast in a cream colored resin (although a few white resin parts did sneak into my sample), the parts are relatively flash free and the pour stubs will present no troubles.

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Review sample courtesy of John's Models.

© Randy Bumgardner 2007

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