Revell | Bf 109G4/Trop

Reviewed by Menelaos Skourtopoulos


It's a very good feeling to know that the Hasegawa 109G kit is now available from Revell-Germany. You have the same kit with all the same quality in another box with Revell's new decals. Many of us already know and have this kit but here's a review for you'll you find if you choose to take the Revell G4 version.

The box

There's a nice artwork of an G4 Trop on typical Revell box. There are seven frames with about 125 pieces of plastic styrene inside that box. New in that kit is the tropical filter for the G4 version, otherwise no differences to the G6 kit.

The Parts

Nice, very nice to see how the parts are made with engraved panel lines and general details. Almost everything is separately to have: the slats and the flaps but not the ailerons (it will be no problem to cut them off). There's no engine to find, and this is a point of interest for the detail-devils of us! The cockpit is much detailed with nice made instrument panels and more (for the most of us there's no need of an aftermarket kit). The 20mm canons under the wing for the R6-version are also welcome. A very detailed pilot in 6 (!) parts is included and this is nice for making some kind of a diorama..


Here also best quality. You can build 4 different aircraft all of JG53 in the med. in 1943. Two of them belonged to "experten" (Oblt. Tonne, Oblt. Schiess)! No swastikas are included.


I'm very curious to see if Revell will bring some other versions of the 109 in the market. I'm thinking about the price. You'll pay 25.99 Euro (under 26 $) in Germany for that kit and this allows taking more than one kit…

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016