Cammett | 1/24 Spitfire Flaps

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

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Finding a Niche

Finding a niche in subject matter that no one else is touching is both ingenious and risky at the same time. On one hand you could be filling a void that desperately needs to be tapped, and on the other hand there could be good reason that no one else has done it. Of course there is also the possibility that you just love modelling and want to make something that you would use and then offer that to other modellers. Which is the case here with Robin at Cammett.

Well Worth It

Offering a far higher level of accuracy than the kit parts, the etched parts more closely represent the thickness of the parts to scale, and by the looks of things will definitely improve this part of the model to no end. With easy to understand photographic instructions, along with very descriptive text, this set looks like it will not be all that difficult an undertaking, and considering the complex and detailed appearance it will give on the model, I would say they will be well worth having if you have one of the Trumpeter Spitfires in your collection.

Price: £10.95

Available from: Cammett Ltd
Adlen House
United Kingdom
Phone: 01544 388514

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