Tigermodels | AC-0002: Replacement Exhaust Stack for the Pfalz DIIIa

Reviewed by Mike O'Leary

When WingNut Wings burst on the scene, they quickly established a name for themselves as a producer of state of the art model kits. Very well researched, press fit tolerances, and a good selection of aircraft to choose from. The kits really are a benchmark in the modelling world. The WNW Pfalz DIIIa has been out for a while now, and is a beauty. One of the few areas that can use enhancement in the Pfalz kit is the exhaust stack. While the molding is very clean and tight, it is solid.

Enter Tigermodels with a resin replacement exhaust stack. Mine is molded in a light grey, and is very clean. The weld bead is nicely captured as well. The really cool thing about Tigermodels part is that the end of the exhaust is hollow. Not just hollowed out a bit. Fully one third of the main stack is hollow, and thin. I measured the wall thickness at .010 with my dial calipers. There is nothing to do, other than paint it to taste, and install. I think the scale effect it adds will make it worth every penny.

This part sells for $7.50 US, and can be paid via PayPal, Money order,(or IMO) and personal check. You can visit the website: www.tigermodels.com or telephone at: (850)890-2080.

Highly recommended.

© Mike O'Leary 2011

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This review was published on Saturday, July 23 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016