F4U-1 Corsair Recovered from Lake Michigan

Photos By Jay Cochrane

OK, -1 birdcage Corsair. Crashes on June 12 1943, during practice landings on the USS Wolverine. Carol Harold Johnson, later killed in the Pacific war while flying from the USS Enterprise. The A/C was home based at NAS Glenview. She was originally found in 1995, and finally pulled to the surface on Nov 8,2010. I have the BuNo but I can not find my notes that I took the day I saw her. We were in FL for the last space shuttle launch, but it was delayed so we drove over to NAM in Pensacola. I know one of the maintenance guys there and he asked me if I wanted to see their new Corsair. Like I would say no to something like that. Lol.

© Jay Cochrane 2013

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