Trumpeter 1/32 Ju 87R

By Karim Bibi

The build is of an R model, which is basically a B with the wing aux fuel tanks and different internal fuel system. I built this kit being inspired by John's (mywifehatesmodels) Ju 87 Anton build. The kit overall is okay, some errors here and there related to the Ju 87 variant that is boxed, all of the corrections I did on the kit are detailed out in the work in progress build, and I will add the link for it at the bottom of the paragraph. The aftermarket additions I used on the kit are all from Eduard. I used the Eduard coloured PE interior and the Eduard harness set as the kit comes with no harnesses for the pilot seat or the rear gunner seat. I found the etch interior really takes the amount of detail to another level. I also added wiring and little bits, from different thickness soldering wire and fuse wiring. She was painted with Tamiya acrylics (camo is RLM65/RLM70/RLM71) and the metallics is Gunze Mr super metallic lacquer. The kit also doesn't include the swastika which I had to get from the spares box (the swastika might be not the correct size or the solid black colour of it might be inaccurate for this model of aircraft but its the only one available I found). I also used the Eduard masks for the canopy and I found them to be cut to the correct size and they did their job very well... On another note, the fogging on the middle canopy is because of a mistake I made while tacking the canopies to the fuselage for the paint job.

Overall the kit I would say is pretty good. The fit is good too, but the wing joints need sanding and at some places it's pretty tricky. There is a build thread for this model in the forums.

© Karim Bibi 2014

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