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Special Hobby 1/32 Brewster Buffalo Model 239

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Kit Details - Special Hobby 1/32 Brewster Buffalo Model 239

ManufacturerSpecial Hobby
Kit NameBrewster Buffalo Model 239
Kit NumberSH32004
Kit FamilySpecial Hobby Buffalo (5 members)
Markings Ilmavoimat 'Sky Pearls' during Continuation War: 'BW-393', Lt. Hans Wind, CO 1/LLv 24, Apr 1943; 'BW-393' Kn. Eino Luukkanen, CO 1/LLv 24, Nov 1942; 'BW-378', 'Otto Wrede', Kn. Per-Erik Sovelius, CO 4/LLv 24
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Valiant Wings Publishing Airframe Extra No. 6: Continuation War
Author(s): Kevin Futter
Category: Book
Published: 2016

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