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Reference Material for Hess

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16 Books Found

'Down to Earth': Strafing Aces of the Eighth Air Force
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Osprey (2003)
354th Fighter Group
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Osprey (2002)
49th Fighter Group "Aces of the Pacific"
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Osprey (2004)
Aces & Wingmen II, Volume 2
Author(s): Hess, Frisque
Publisher: Aviation Usk (1999)
Aces of the Eighth
Author(s): Stafford, Hess
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1973)
B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the MTO
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Osprey (2003)
Checkertail Clan: The 325th Fighter Group in North Africa and Italy
Author(s): McDowell, Hess
Publisher: Aero (1969)
Fighters of the Mighty Eighth 1942-1945
Author(s): Hess, Ivie
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1990)
Fighters over Tunisia
Author(s): Shores, Ring, Hess
Publisher: Neville Spearman (1975)
German Jets Versus The U.S. Army Air Force
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Specialty Press (1996)
P-47 Thunderbolt
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1994)
P-47 Thunderbolt at War
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Doubleday (1977)
The Ragged Irregulars Of Bassingbourn: The 91st Bombardment Group in World War II
Author(s): Havelaar, Hess
Publisher: Schiffer (1995)
The Slybird Group:The 353rd Fighter Group on Escort and Ground Attack Operations
Author(s): Rust, Hess
Publisher: Aero (1968)
Wings of Fame, Volume 6
Author(s): Huertas, Hewson, Hess, Chinnery, Mason, Dorr, Gunston
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1997)
Zemke's Wolfpack: The 56th Fighter Group in World War II
Author(s): Hess
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1992)