Delta One | Me 109G-6's on Eastern Front: 15 (Kroat)./JG 52

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

Delta One is a new decal provider out of Europe, aiming to fill gaps in the existing market. The set we're examining here is called "Me 109G-6's on Eastern Front: 15 (Kroat)./JG 52", and features seven Bf 109G-6 aircraft flown by Croatian pilots. Each scheme is accompanied by a paragraph of notes, and a painting guide consisting of a set of colour 3-view drawings.

Provided Schemes

These aircraft functioned as part of JG 52, and were painted in standard Luftwaffe schemes. As such, they wore standard Luftwaffe national markings, and the decal sheet does not provide these, with the exception of some swastikas. These are provided in the now-familiar 'split' style to conform with EU regulations. The details for each option, as provided in the instructions, are as follows:

The Decals

The decals themselves are provided on a single small sheet, and are very nicely printed. Colour density and registration are both very good. No printing house is given, so they appear to be an in-house production. They're traditional screen-printed decals however, and not laser, inkjet or ALPS printed.

If you look closely at the image above, you'll note that the chevron marked as decal #4 is missing its white outline. A correctly-printed replacement has been provided on a separate sheet in my sample, so this will not pose any problems at all. It's good to see that Delta One is exercising some quality control procedures!

For information on how Delta One decals perform, see my review of the company's American G-6s set, where I put them to the test. Assuming the same printing methods have been employed, these will be fine.


This is another terrific decal set for those who are looking to do something unusual with a 109, and is highly recommended!

The Delta One website had not been launched at the time of writing this review, but enquiries can be made via email at

Thanks to Delta One for the review sample.

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