Aero Bonus | USAF Airman in 1/32nd Scale F 32001

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

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Aero Bonus is increasing their product line of 1/32nd scale diorama accessories. Their latest release is a new three-piece resin figure.

The figure is of a ground crewman and is to be used with their previously released M600 Halon Fire Extinguisher set reviewed here.

The figure is cast in tan resin and consists of the main torso and two separate fore arms. The torso is cast as a single unit and has a prominent mold line around the circumference. However, the mold line should be easily removed with a #11 blade. Surface detail appears to be well cast and there are no prominent air bubbles on the review sample.

Simple painting instructions are included. Much of the raised details should look good from effective dry brushing.

Modelers wishing to try their hand at dioramas should find Aero Bonus products to be a big help. They are well cast and will really bring your modern jet scenes to life.

Aero Bonus products are available from Meteor Productions or directly from the manufacturer at:

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