AIMS | 32D022: Gloster Gladiator Mk I

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Hot on the heels of the superb ICM kit of the Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, John at AIMS has been very busy creating some really useful after-market sets/decals for the kit.

In this review we take a look at one of the new Decal sheets from AIMS, in this case covering three 'Silver Wings' Mk.I airframes:


Markings are provided for 3 options:

Three colourful options that typify the period.

Print Quality

Colours and register look very good, as you can hopefully see in the accompanying photos. They also look nice and thin - so I don't anticipate any issues with regard to application. Detail is good - especially evident in the tail markings of the 56 Sqn machine.

No stencils, or instrument dials, are provided on this sheet, but they're all on the kit decal sheet.


A single A4 placement/colour guide is provided, double sided and in colour.


Some very nice alternative schemes for the ICM Mk.I - I'm particularly drawn to the 87 Sqn machine!

Highly recommended and great value.

This new decal sheet is available directly from AIMS.

Review copy courtesy of my wallet.

© Iain Ogilvie 2020

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This review was published on Monday, February 24 2020; Last modified on Tuesday, February 25 2020