Contact Resine | CR32050: F-8E/J Weighted Wheels

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

Contact-Resine has released a few nice wheel sets recently. The Ju 88A sets that LSP reviewed recently, and this set for the 1/32nd Trumpeter F-8E Crusader.

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The set contains three tires, two main wheels and the nose wheel. Each tire is slightly bulged to give a weighted appearance, but just enough to provide some visual interest. Also included are a pair of brake housings for the main wheels. These are drop in replacements for the corresponding Trumpeter parts and they add a nicer level of detail over the stock parts.

Molded in black resin, the pieces contain no bubbles nor any flash. The casting blocks are easily cut away, and should provide no problem for the modeler. The main wheels in each set are fairly hefty. The detail is very well rendered and will look great painted and weathered with a bit of a wash. The modeler will need to drill the holes for the axles, but that should be too difficult.

This set will add a nice touch to the big Crusader from Trumpeter - especially those who aren't fond of the rubber tires in the Trumpeter kit.

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Friday, January 27 2017