Hobby Decal | ST32024: 1/32 F-86 Sabre Stencils

Reviewed by Brad Hagen

Hobby Decal is a new company out of Korea specializing in dry transfer stencils for aircraft in 1/48, 1/32, and 1/24 scale.

These stencils are for the F-86 Sabre and will be a welcome addition to anyone building this aircraft. Since the Saber is normally in a natural metal finish, using a normal water slide decal really won't give you the best results for the large amount of stencils on the aircraft, the dry transfer method will give a very accurate rendition of the stencils.

The Saber had a huge number of stencils and I very quickly counted the locations and there are over 125 stencil locations which will be a time consuming project that will really make your Saber stand out.

This scan does not even come close to showing the true quality of Hobby Decals stencils as they are very crisply printed and can easily be read. These stencils come in the usual black, plus they also have red, white and a yellow and black rescue arrow which means most of the markings can be done with the dry transfers giving a uniform look to the model.

The instructions are very detailed as to the placement of the stencils which will be a great help. Hobby Decal now includes the instruction sheet and they can still be downloaded from their site if you lose them.

Dry transfers aren't as forgiving as water slide decals, but all that is needed is to take your time and applying them and double check the location and that you have them at the right angle and you will be applying them in no time.

This is one part of a three-part set of stencils for the Saber. Check out the review for one set of tail codes, and the review for a second set of tail codes.

Thanks to Hobby Decal for the review sample.

© Brad Hagen 2004

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