Hobby Decal | TC32025: 1/32 F-86 Tail Codes, Part 1

Reviewed by Brad Hagen

This is the second part of a series of three stencils sheets for the F-86 Sabre. This sheet is entitled tail codes but it also encompasses the buzz numbers, U.S. Air Force markings, and USAF markings.

You get two different sizes of numbers for the aircraft and the instruction sheet shows you the proper placement for the numbers on the Saber. Also included are the black checkers for the tail.

This sheet is a great compliment to the stencil sheet. Since these markings are rather large and meant to go on a natural model finish the dry transfer will give you an excellent result since it won't have all that carrier film of the water slide decal that could otherwise distract from the finish. The stencils are crisply printed and are very easy to read and will make great addition to your Sabre.

This sheet is the second part of three. See the review on the stencils and the review of the second part of the tail codes.

Thanks to Hobby Decal for the review sample.

© Brad Hagen 2004

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