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Reviewed by Matt Gannon

Back in November Montex updated their product inventory with the addition of some fine new products. At the time our forums and members were pretty quick to pick up on these new releases so this update might be old news to some...but maybe you might want to read on ;-). Overall I think its pretty easy to be impressed by Montex's latest releases. They continue to offer new mask sets with colourful and interesting schemes to the modeller who would prefer to spray paint markings on their aircraft. In addition, they have diversified their product line to bring a very welcome resin modification and the combination of mask sets with brass barrels to the large scale plane builder should they wish to go further than simply a set of markings. These are the latest products although new products are already in the wings.

The mini-masks are for painting the canopies both inside and out. There are no national insignias but should make the process of getting perfectly painted canopies less tedious and eye-straining than Tamiya tape application. They are listed as:


The Super Mask sets include masks for all glass canopy surfaces and the main markings for two different aircraft. For those modelers who desire an alternative to the OOB scheme the new super-Masks offer a reliable solution and welcome alternative. I thought I'd also include a few pictures of a local Mustang with similar paint scheme to the K32160 Super Mask set.


Of course what didn't escape anyone's attention at all in our forums was the Super Mask Special Edition with the Birdcage resin conversion for the Trumpeter Corsair. No doubt , when it becomes widely available we'll hear about it in the forums or let you know in an update. Pictures are included for those who may have missed the threads in the LSP Discussion Forum but a birdcage conversion for the Corsair seems like a big gap in the list of planes we love just got filled.

What might have escaped the forums attention is Montex's latest product. These KAM sets blends a fantastic SuperMask set with awesome brass barrels (for the applicable aircraft) from Piotr Czerkasow of Master Model barrels. These have part numbers beginning with KAM instead of the usual nomenclature for Montex's resin kits and mask sets. Details can be found in the screen captures and I recommend you scour them thoroughly as the list is huge! For information on the brass MG barrels please refer to LSP_Kevin's review of the Master Model barrels. (Master Model) We'll keep you posted if LSP is sent any samples to review and when any new information comes in.

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