Scale Aircraft Conversions | 1:35 Mil-24 Hind Metal Undercarriage Legs

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

I hadn't given any thought to my long neglected and patiently waiting Trumpeter Mil-24 for a long time, until I cam across the Topshots book on it from Kagero (which was reviewed here recently).

Duly inspired by said book, I began to look at what was available and Alistair at A2Zee mentioned the SAC undercarriage.

Cast in metal, the legs are simply direct replacements for the kit parts, and thus should marry effortlessly with the model. These are not super-detailed add on items, and could use some additional detail by the looks of it, but they will add a great deal more strength to the undercarriage, and this will be particularly advantageous if you are going to be adding weight in the form of resin or etched.

There is a fairly wide range of SAC undercarriage legs available in 32nd, so I will take a look at these in a short time here.

© Jay Laverty

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016