Fotocut | Detail Set for The Revell P-47 in 1/32nd Scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Fotocut has been supplying a quality product for many years. In their line of products, they have an excellent detail set in 1/32nd scale for the Revell P-47. This is a review of that set.

Fred Hultberg, the owner of Fotocut, provides an extensive package of instructions. It consists of six pencil sketch diagrams, enhanced with text. A complete listing of the parts breakdown is included with each item, identified by name, part number and location on the neoprene backing.
The sketches are small and show the proper placement for each piece. The text makes reference to 1/48th and 1/32nd scale kits, leading me to believe that this set has been scaled up or down accordingly. This could lead to potential fit problems with some items. I can't confirm this suspicion, as I have not tried the set myself. For those modelers wishing to build a P-47B, the instructions explain which parts to substitute within the cockpit. The instructions make no mention of additional references.

As with other Fotocut sets, all the pieces are attached to a neoprene backing. Each part is sturdy and I had little difficulty removing them from the backing. Individual items are included to upgrade the landing gear doors, flaps and cockpit just to name a few. Approximately 60 pieces makes up the set.

The flap hinges could prove extremely useful for those modelers wishing to display their kits with the flaps dropped, as the Fowler flaps on the P-47 are complicated. The hinges would be very fragile and difficult to construct from sheet styrene. The Fotocut hinges are strong and scale-like in appearance. Instructions depict how the flap arrangement is to look and this is supplemented with text. Additional photo references would be invaluable.

The cockpit parts are nicely etched with very fine surface detail. For the instrument panel, each instrument face has surface detail etched in and is easily identifiable. To complete an accurate instrument panel, the instructions state to use clear cellophane (not included) sandwiched between the two instrument panel pieces. The illustrations do not show scale placement of each cockpit part. Additional references could prove essential for this task. All sidewall boxes, throttle and various control knobs are included with etched placards and subtle surface detail.

A quick overview of the instructions reveals that a number of items need to be bent to shape before installation. The applicable part number and its associated bend is explained in the instructions. The fold for the identified tab is not etched, however it is marked with a black or silver line where appropriate. Modelers with previous photo etch experience will probably have little difficulty with this requirement.

I highly recommend this product to any modeler wishing to add further detail to their 1/32nd scale Revell P-47. For those wishing to drop the flaps, this set could prove to be invaluable. I do suggest that previous photo etch experience would be helpful. This detail set may be familiar to some, as Jerry Rutman has incorporated this with his extensive line of P-47 products (review).

Review samples compliments of Fotocut.

© Mark Proulx 2002

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