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Reference Material for Bf 110G

62 Books Found

Aces of the Air
Author(s): Mason
Publisher: Mayflower Books (1981)
Air War over Germany: The USAAF Bombing Campaign 1944-1945
Author(s): Ethell
Publisher: Arms and Armour Press (1985)
Aircraft of the Second World War: The Development of the Warplane 1939-49
Author(s): Jarrett (ed.)
Publisher: Putnam (1997)
Archiv: Band 7
Author(s): Grielhl (ed.)
Publisher: Flugzeug Publikations (1995)
Archiv: Band 8
Author(s): Franzke (ed.)
Publisher: Flugzeug Publikations (1997)
Bf 110, vol. 1
Author(s): Ledwoch
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (1998)
Bf 110, vol. 2
Author(s): Ledwoch
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (2000)
Bf 110G
Author(s): Hopp
Publisher: Monogram Aviation Publications (1986)
Cockpits deutscher Flugzeug: Historische Instrumentierungen von 1911-1970
Author(s): Cohausz
Publisher: Aviatic Verlag (2000)
Czarne krzyze i czerwone gwiazdy (Red Stars and Black Crosses)
Author(s): Iwanow
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (2003)
Development of Piston Aero Engines
Author(s): Gunston
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd. (1995)
Die Deutsche Luftrüstung 1933-1945, Band 3: Flugzeugtypen Henschel - Messerschmitt
Author(s): Nowarra
Publisher: Bernard & Graefe Verlag (1993)
Die Flugzeugführer - Ausbildung der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1935-1945, Band II
Author(s): Carlsen, Meyer
Publisher: VDM Heinz Nickel (2000)
Focke-Wulf Fw 187: An Illustrated History
Author(s): Hermann, Petrick
Publisher: Schiffer (2003)
Foto-Archiv: Band 5
Author(s): Birkholz (ed.)
Publisher: Heinz Nickel Verlag (1995)
Foto-Archiv: Band 6
Author(s): Birkholz (ed.)
Publisher: VDM Heinz Nickel (1997)
German Aircraft in Finland 1939-1945
Author(s): Keskinen, Stenman
Publisher: Apali Oy (1998)
German Aircraft Interiors 1935-1945: Vol. 1
Author(s): Merrick
Publisher: Monogram Aviation Publications (1996)
German Night Fighter Aces of World War 2
Author(s): Scutts
Publisher: Osprey (1998)
He 219: An Illustrated History of Germany's Premier Nightfighter
Author(s): Remp
Publisher: Schiffer (2000)
Hungarian Air Force
Author(s): Punka
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1994)
Hungarian Eagles: The Hungarian Air Forces 1920-1945
Author(s): Sárhidai, Punka, Kozlik
Publisher: Hikoki (1996)
In a Now Forgotten Sky: The 31st Fighter Group in WW2
Author(s): Kucera
Publisher: Flying Machines Press (1997)
JG 5 "Eismeer"
Author(s): Murawski
Publisher: Kagero (2002)
Luftfahrt International: No. 4
Publisher: Verlag Karl R. Pawlas (1974)
Luftwaffe 1935-1945: Part 4
Author(s): Michulec
Publisher: AJ Press (1998)
Luftwaffe Colours 1935-1945
Author(s): Ullmann
Publisher: Hikoki (2002)
Luftwaffe Colours 1935-1945
Author(s): Ullmann
Publisher: Hikoki (2008)
Luftwaffe Fledglings 1935-1945: Luftwaffe Training Units & their Aircraft
Author(s): Ketley, Rolfe
Publisher: Hikoki (1996)
Luftwaffe im Focus, Edition No. 14
Author(s): Urbanke
Publisher: Start Verlag (2008)
Luftwaffe in Detail: Airwar over the Czech Lands
Author(s): Rajlich
Publisher: Wings & Wheels Publications (2000)
Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945
Author(s): Rajlich, Kokoska, Janda
Publisher: JaPo (2001)
Luftwaffe Warbird Color Samples & Schemes 1939-1945
Publisher: AeroMaster (2000)
Luftwaffen Warplane [sic] 1928-45
Author(s): Nohara
Publisher: Green Arrow (2001)
Markings and Camouflage Systems of Luftwaffe Aircraft in World War II: Volume IV
Author(s): Ries
Publisher: Verlag Dieter Hoffmann (1972)
Me 262: Volume 1
Author(s): Smith, Creek
Publisher: Classic Publications (1998)
Messerschmitt Bf 110
Author(s): Nohara, Tanaka
Publisher: Dai-Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd. (1998)
Messerschmitt Bf 110
Publisher: Bunrin-Do (1993)
Messerschmitt Bf 110
Author(s): Mackay
Publisher: Crowood (2000)
Messerschmitt Bf 110 / Me 210 / Me 410
Author(s): Mankau, Petrick
Publisher: Aviatic Verlag (2003)
Messerschmitt Bf 110G
Author(s): MacKay
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (2000)
Messserschmitt Bf 110G, all models
Author(s): Noszczak
Publisher: Kagero (2010)
Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 110
Author(s): Green
Publisher: Osprey (2003)
Night Fighters
Author(s): Gunston
Publisher: Scribner's (1976)
Photo Collection: Luftwaffe Embleme 1935-1945
Author(s): Ries
Publisher: Verlag Dieter Hoffmann (1976)
Red Stars 2: German Aircraft in the Soviet Union
Author(s): Geust, Petrov
Publisher: Apali Oy (1998)
Schnaufer: Ace of Diamonds
Author(s): Hinchliffe
Publisher: Tempus (1999)
Sojusznicy Luftwaffe, cz. 1
Publisher: Books International (0)
Sojusznicy Luftwaffe, cz. 2
Publisher: Books International (2000)
The 55th Fighter Group vs the Luftwaffe
Author(s): Gray
Publisher: Specialty Press (1998)
The German Fighter since 1915
Author(s): Kosin
Publisher: Putnam (1988)
The Other Battle: Luftwaffe Night Aces versus Bomber Command
Author(s): Hinchliffe
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1996)
The Radar War
Author(s): Pritchard
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd. (1989)
The Sting of the Luftwaffe: Schnellkampfgeschwader 210 and Zerstörergeschwader 1 "Wespengeschwader"
Author(s): Vasco
Publisher: Schiffer (2001)
Trophei Vozdushnik Bitv 1941-1945 ["Trophies of Aerial Battle 1941-1945"]
Author(s): Ivanov
Publisher: Strategia KM (2001)
USAAF Aircraft Markings and Camouflage: 1941-1947
Author(s): Archer, Archer
Publisher: Schiffer (1997)
Warplanes of the Luftwaffe
Author(s): Donald (ed.)
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1994)
Willy Messerschmitt - Pioneer of Aviation Design
Author(s): Ebert, Kaiser, Peters
Publisher: Schiffer (1993)
Wings of Fame, Volume 15
Author(s): Donald, Festner, Thompson, Weal, Lake, Gordon, Dexter
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1999)
Wings of Fame, Volume 19
Author(s): Crickmore, Dorr, Goodspeed, Gordon, Heathcott, Lake, Mikesh, Richards, Thompson, Vlad
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (2000)
Wings of the Black Cross, Number One
Author(s): Crandall
Publisher: Eagle Editions (2003)
Wolfgang Falck: The Happy Falcon
Author(s): Falck
Publisher: Eagle Editions (2003)