Dalrymple and Verdun Publishing | Attacker: The Royal Navy's First Operational Jet Fighter

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Attacker: The Royal Navy's First Operational Jet Fighter

Another older book, published back in 2007, this book is currently out of print. However, with the release of the new Iconicair Attacker kit it's worth tracking a copy down as it will provide some useful material for any build. Copies are still about if you look - worth searching on eBay, or Amazon, if you want a copy.

This book makes a good companion to the 'Attacker - From the Cockpit' book we've reviewed separately and covers things from more of a modelling perspective, including, as it does, a number of detail illustrations from the aircraft Technical Documents (APs). These drawings include surface details diagram, cockpit, cockpit canopy, armament, engine, tail hook and undercarriage.


The book is broken down into the following topics:

The Colours and Markings section 8 pages of colour illustrations and a set of scale drawings.


If you've got the new Iconicair Attacker kit then this book is another one well worth tracking down. Although some of the photos are also published in the 'From the Cockpit' book, many are not and the inclusion of the technical drawings is very useful for the modeller.

A good companion to the Ad Hoc Publications 'From the Cockpit No 9 - Attacker' reviewed elsewhere on LSP.

Review copy courtesy of my wallet.

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